Single handing two catamarans simultaneously?!?!

Marty or Captain Pacific delivers a 44ft cat during covid from Tonga to Fiji and tows his catamaran behind. SINGLE HANDING TWO CATAMARANS SIMULTANEOUSLY FROM ONE COUNTRY TO THE NEXT.
He also looks after remote islands.
In 2020 when covid hit , Marty got "stuck" on a remote island in Fiji for a year and a half.Tonga went into a full lockdown for years.
This video is how he left the country with his new boat towed behind another boat he was getting to its owners in Fiji.

  • SINGLE-HANDING TWO CATAMARANS simultaneously from Tonga to Fiji

    30m — 1 text track

    Late 2019 Marty went to caretake a remote island in Tonga , THEN COVID HIT, instead of doing two months by himself on the island he did over a year and a half.
    Tonga went into a full on lockdown for years. Island and yacht owners were not allowed back into the country.
    This video shows how Marty ...